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Eastern-Central Drift
International Film Festivals Forum “Eastern-Central Drift” is being held for the 2nd time in Vilnius More »

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Toruń is located on the Vistula River in the north-central part of Poland. The nearest big city is Bydgoszcz [35km]. The distance between the airport in Bydgoszcz [Port Lotniczy im. Paderewskiego] and the centre of Toruń is 50 km. Distances from Toruń to:

  • Warsaw - 200 km
  • Gdańsk - 190 km
  • Poznań - 160 km
  • Łódź - 160 km
  • Olsztyn - 170 km
  • Lublin - 375 km
  • Cracow - 420 km
  • Berlin - 420 km
  • Prague - 550 km

All the festival buildings and most of hotels and accommodation places are situated within 500 metres from Rynek Staromiejski [one of the two market squares of the Old Town in Toruń]. You can easily reach each of those places on foot,  taking one of charming walking routes, safe at every time of the day.

And if you need, you can travel around the city with TAXI PULS.

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