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The B61 Institute - The Slapstick Operation

Under the deal which was made by the Tofifest Festival and the management of the International Scientific Institution in Toruń - The B61 Institute - the Slapstick film laboratory, located near Toruń, is going to be opened for visitors on the 28th June. It uses up innovative technologies invented by engineers of the Institute!

This trip is the only chance to familiarise yourself with a French technology of film timing. It consists in complete separation of light and sound by the means of high diffraction grid. The newest solution makes it possible to shorten the time of film shootings to indispensable minimum. Furthermore, the present world record in the category of the full - length film belongs to 'Pulse', the French detective movie. Its over two-hour material was filmed in less than one minute, thanks to the timing. The technology , which is going to be shown, uses the broadband slapstick, marked by the large amount of uniform motion. The actors' figures, initially greatly exaggerated, grotesquely experience adventures so as to create dramatical and emotional suites.


Photo: the part of the film 'Pulse', which was made by the timing technology

The activity of The Slapstick film laboratory is mostly based on perfect use of information connected with light and sound waves physics. So, having arrived to the laboratory, audience will learn the basic rules of interferometry. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to publish any information about the location of the laboratory due to the safety of its workers. The transportation of participants is taking place under the supervision of the Institute's employees.

More information will be soon on the Tofifest Festival and the B61 Institute's websites!

Free tickets for the B61 are available. Submit online from June, 11 until June, 22. The tickets will be available for collection in “Niebo” Club from June, 22.

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