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Eastern-Central Drift
International Film Festivals Forum “Eastern-Central Drift” is being held for the 2nd time in Vilnius More »

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Become a Tofifest 2010 Volunteer — Recruitment!

Unique experience, opportunity to meet masters of cinema, participation in one of the most important cultural events in Poland – these are only three out of many other experiences that Tofifest volunteer worker can gain.

Everyone willing to have an adventure with cinema and art face to face is invited to do volunteer work for International Film Festival Tofifest.

Tofifest volunteers work in a modern team, aiming for European success. It adds prestige to a CV — participation in a unique cultural event of international importance. Beside those “tangible” profits, being a volunteer also stands for a collaborative work in a creative group of young people, meetings and long talks with filmmakers, directors, actors, critics, and the atmosphere which can be envied by other festivals as none of them has the similar one.

Judging from experience, many people who used to work at the festival office would later find jobs in the audiovisual or cultural sector.

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