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Eastern-Central Drift
International Film Festivals Forum “Eastern-Central Drift” is being held for the 2nd time in Vilnius More »

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Press accreditations

Media accreditation regulations:

  • On 1 May 2010 International Film Festival Tofifest (hereinafter referred to as “Festival”) starts granting media accreditations for the eighth edition of the Festival, which is going to take place between 26 June and 2 July 2010.
  • Accreditations are free of charge.
  • Accreditations are personal and cannot be transferred.
  • Accreditations are reserved for active journalists (including camera men) working for the press, radio, TV, online media  as well as bloggers and creators of social networking services.
  • Document required for granting accreditation is the acknowledgement made in any form by a media organization that a journalist represents.
  • One media organization can be granted up to 3 personal accreditations. It does not apply to television crews (they are granted one accreditation for a lead journalist and temporal passes to enter the festival area for the crew). Patronage media can receive extra accreditations on the basis of additional applications.
  • Accreditation entitles to:
    • a greeting festival packet [including a catalogue];
    • free entrance to film shows  (earlier booking in particular box offices  is required, more info will be available in the ”Service” section of the festival official website);
    • free entrance to supporting events, for instance concerts, conferences, parties / banquets with invitations;
    • using the press office and complete information service: press materials (including photo and video) concerning the festival and festival films;
  • Journalists without personal accreditation will not be allowed to work in the festival centre and festival cinemas, or interview guests of the Festival invited by the organizers.
  • Accreditations will be available at the Tofifest Festival Centre i.e. Baj Pomorski Theatre, Piernikarska 3, starting from 25 June 2010.

If you need more information, contact
Marcel Woźniak
phone +48 56.652.20.10

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