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Three Minutes. 21:37

Trzy Minuty. 21:37 · dir. Maciej Ślesicki
Poland 2010, 90’

Three minutes are a turning point lives of characters. During sixty seconds someone’s life may diametrically change, sometimes it may end…

A sensitive boy who can’t agree with aggression around him, becomes more violent than he used to be. The director who doesn’t want to make films and instead of using up the chance for international production, falls in love with his English teacher…The painter stucked in deadlock…The father who would like to protect son from his past… All their lots will meet during three minutes.

The title 21:37 refers to the authentic event after the death of the Pope John Paul II when the Poles in an unparalleled and unifying gesture turned off lights in their homes.

Director:Maciej Ślesicki
Screenplay:Maciej Ślesicki
Cinematography:Andrzej Ramlau
Editing:Krzysztof Paluchowski, Kamil Czwartosz
Cast:Bogusław Linda, Piotr Adamczyk, Agnieszka Grochowska, Krzysztof Stroiński, Paweł Królikowski, Mateusz Damięcki
Awards:Złote Lwy / Golden Lions – Najlepsza Drugoplanowa Rola Kobieca / Best Supporting Actress (FPFF Gdynia 2010)

Maciej Ślesicki ― director, producer and screenwriter ― was born in 1966 in Warsaw. He graduated The Faculty Of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia, at cinematography specialisation. After awarded debut Tato (Daddy) he decided to continue making this kind of movies ― intelligent and humorous mixing of genres. Next film, thrilling comedy Sara was well-accepted by critics and became a big commercial success. Maciej Ślesicki directed the first Polish situation comedy, 13th Police Station, to which he wrote also the screenplay. In 2004 he founded The Film School in Warsaw in cooperation with Bogusław Linda and in 2005 he set up the film studio PAISA FILMS with an independent producer Jolanta Rojek.

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