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Misfortunates, The

De Helaasheid der dingen / La Merditude des Choses · dir. Feliks van Groeningen
Belgium, The Netherlands 2009, 108’

13-year old Gunter Strobbe lives with his father and his three uncles in his grandparents’ house. Absurd ideas are on the agenda and the crazier they are, the better, because everyone is more eager to realise them. World championship in drinking, nude cycling rally or Tour de France board game in which you have to drink to win — everyone is interested in that. The Misfortunates is a surprising and fresh combination of tragicomic romance and black humor, made whole by the climate of Roy Orbison’s music. Many scenes are comic or even absurd in their character, but everything here has a deeper meaning.

Director:Feliks van Groeningen
Screenplay:Christophe Dirickx, Feliks van Groeningen
Music:Jef Neve
Cinematography:Ruben Impens
Editing:Nico Leunen
Cast:Kenneth Vanbaeden, Valentijn Dhaenens, Koen De Graeve, Wouter Hendrickx, Johan Heldengergh, Bert Haelvoet, Gilda de Bal, Natali Broods, Pauline Grossen, Sofie Palmers
Awards:Wyróżnienie specjalne / Special Award (Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Kin Artystycznych / CICAE 2009); Złoty Tulipan / Golden Tulip Award (29. MFF w Stambule / 29th IFF in Isambul)
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