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Lisztomania · dir. Ken Russell
United Kingdom 1975, 103’

Colourful and extravagant biography of Franz Liszt, in which the facts of the composer's life are pushed into the background. It is so, due to the original vision of Russell, who is very fond of such biographical adaptations. Apart from Liszt, we will see Richard Wagner portrayed as a vampire, and Ringo Starr playing the Pope. Brimming humor and Rick Wakeman’s (legendary keyboard player in the band YES) music make an electrifying impression.

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Ken Russell
Music:Rick Wakeman, Franciszek Liszt, Richard Wagner
Cinematography:Peter Suschitzky
Editing:Stuart Baird
Cast:Roger Daltrey, Fiona Lewis, Paul Nicholas, Ringo Starr
Production:Roy Baird, David Puttnam
Distribution:Warner Bros.
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