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Desert Flower

Kwiat pustyni · dir. Sherry Horman
Austria, Germany, United Kingdom 2009, 120’

When 13-year old Waris acknowledges that, according to her father’s will, she is supposed to become the fourth wife of a much older man, she decides to run away. Alone she crosses a stony desert alone to get to Mogadishu, where her mother’s family lives. Her relatives send her to work at a Somali embassy in London. After several years, adult Waris is in danger of being deported. With the help of her friend Marilyn, she runs away once again. At the snack bar where she works she is noticed by Terry Donaldson, a famous fashion photographer. From that moment, everything is like in a fairy tale  the door to career in the fashion world opens...

Director:Sherry Horman
Screenplay:Sherry Horman
Music:Martin Todsharow
Cinematography:Ken Kelsch
Editing:Clara Fabry
Cast:Liya Kebede, Sherry Horman, Craig Parkinson, Meera Syal, Anthony Mackie, Juliet Stevenson
Awards:Nagroda Publiczności / Public Award (MFF w San Sebastián / IFF in San Sebastián 2009)
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