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Altered States

Odmienne stany świadomości · dir. Ken Russell
USA 1980, 102’

Bold and far-reaching science fiction feat of imagination; it is a William Hurt film debut. The main protagonist Dr. Jessup (Hurt) decides to carry out a paramedics experiment, the object of which is he himself. Fascinated with chemicals used by ancient tribes, he decides to take them and closes himself in a special chamber. The result of this risky game will be an astral journey to the edge of consciousness, trip that would be worthy of Dave Bowman’s from the Space odyssey. Only the most resistent viewers will save their neck...

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Paddy Chayefsky
Music:John Corigliano
Cinematography:Jordan Cronenwath
Editing:Eric Jenkins
Cast:Bob Balaban, Drew Barrymore, Blair Brown, William Hurt
Production:Howard Gottfried, Daniel Melnick
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