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Leader is Always Right, The

Lideri Khoveltvis Martalia · dir. Salome Jashi
Georgia 2010, 43’


Vartsikhe Patriotic Camp is one out of those camps where teenagers spend summer in Georgia. Out of half humorous 10 commandments here the first one reads: The leader is always right. Patriotism is the ideology preached in the camps and every day the leader reminds to teenagers split in squads: Glory to Georgia! It’s the President of Georgia who initiated these camps and kids are told to appreciate that.

Director:Salome Jashi

Salome Jashi was born in Soviet Union in 1981 and grew up during struggle for the country’s independence followed by civil wars. She studied documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London.


  • 2006: Their Helicopter
  • 2008: A Mr. Minister
  • 2009: Speechless
  • 2010: The Leader is Always Right
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