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Under repair

Do naprawy · dir. Dariusz Gackowski
Poland 2007, 10’

Janusz Borowski’s work — shop of reparation household equipment is a living monument of past decades. Now appliances are not reparated. A broken DVD player is thrown away to refuse heap, whereas in Borowski’s case people come with their hoovers, TVs and old radio. Not only the retired. The young people from Bydgoszcz know that there, in this little poky room at housing estate, it is possible to repair father’s tape recorder, on which you are able to listen to the Beatles’ recordings. A nostalgic, told with smile story.

Director:Dariusz Gackowski

The team of young documentaries directors from Bydgoszcz — Darek Gackowski, Krzysztof Nowicki and Monika Paprzycka — seems as The Trinity, but is it true? Undeniably, they are great in independent cinema popularizating. Dariusz Gackowski is a photographer; as an independent artist he tries to make documentaries. His latest Marek — shown at many Polish festivals — tells the difficulties of blind person’s daily life. Krzysztof Nowicki is an author, known for frequent visitors of independent festivals because of Reggae Is My Life in 2008 — an unique documentary about reggae subculture in Ostróda.

Beyond the cinema and wide distribution of multiplexes, the independent film art is being propagated with emotion and passion – this is what members of ‘Koloroffon’ say about their art.

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