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Who’s Tommy, The

Tommy · dir. Ken Russell
United Kingdom 1975, 111’

A famous adaptation of the rock opera by legendary British band The Who, and a real treat for music fans. When, as a result of trauma 9 year-old Tommy loses hearing, his therapy becomes playing pinball and very soon he excels at it. From now on the real adventure begins! He will have to face Wizard (Elton John), then he will meet Queen (Tina Turner) and Preacher (Eric Clapton). All this is excellently choreographed, shown in the glow of stage lights and accompanied by the music of The Who!

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Ken Russell
Music:John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend
Cinematography:Harvey Harrison
Editing:Timothy Gee
Cast:Nickolas Grace, Glenda Jackson, Ken Russell
Production:Penny Corke, Dan Ireland, William J. Quigley
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