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Kilka stopni niżej

Kilka stopni niżej · dir. Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Poland 2007, 20’

This document focuses on a homeless man from Bydgoszcz, who fights with alcohol addiction, loneliness and poverty every day. Walenczykowski hadn’t choose this person accidentally. You can’t look at yourself only, have to look around — says the main character and it sounds too much optimistic as for person, whose life is a misery. There’s still a hope inside him.

Director:Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Cinematography:Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Editing:Mikołaj Walenczykowski

Mikołaj Walenczykowski is a young-generation documentarist from Bydgoszcz who stared filmmaking very soon — as a teenager was accepted for first course. He started studies on Łódź Film School this year. Bydgoszcz is the main character of his documentaries and mini-studios, Divadlo is the most interesting one — about people working in Polish Theatre. Walenczykowski has an unique seans of observation — if he can follow the path of artists like Cusky or Sauter, he’ll be much more better than today.

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