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Crimes of passion

Zbrodnie namiętności · dir. Ken Russell
USA 1983, 107’

In this film, Russell superbly guided the leading actress ― Kathleen Turner who played a double role. By day, she is a known and respected designer; no one knows that after dusk, she becomes an exclusive prostitute named China Blue. Double life always poses risk, which Blue quickly comprehends. She meets a demonic cleric, whose obsessive goal is not saving her soul, but annihilating the sinful flesh. Crimes of passion is a dangerous game verging on erotism, fervent faith and violence.

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Barry Sandler
Music:Rick Wakeman
Cinematography:Dick Bush
Editing:Stuart Baird
Cast:Bruce Davison, Anthony Perkins, Kathleen Turner
Production:Norman Burton
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