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Glen or Glenda

Glen czy Glenda · dir. Edward D. Wood Jr.
USA 1953, 65’

Glen or Glenda is also known under other intriguing titles: Which Is It?, He or She, I Changed My Sex, I Led Two Lives or… Transvestites). The theme was taken straight from the gutter press. However, final shape of the story was also influenced by biographical motives of Wood’s life. The director played himself (a transsexual), while Béla Lugosi played mad scientist. This is a journey straight to Wood’s hell of imagination: sex, madness and horror!

Director:Edward D. Wood Jr.
Screenplay:Edward D. Wood Jr.
Music:William Lava
Cinematography:William C. Thompson
Editing:Bud Schelling
Cast:Béla Lugosi, Dolores Fuller, Edward D. Wood Jr.
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