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Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 z kosmosu · dir. Edward D. Wood Jr.
USA 1959, 79’

Plan 9 From Outer Space considered ‘the worst film ever’ was in fact the reason for the highest pride and satisfaction for Edward Wood Jr. The plot is about a mini invasion of aliens who resurrect the dead. The aliens have to face human ignorance, but also American army and policemen who follow them. The director created a hotchpotch in which American army fights bravely against flying saucers, while zombies controlled by an extraterrestial power chase crime fighters and beautiful women.

Director:Edward D. Wood Jr.
Screenplay:Edward D. Wood Jr.
Music:Emil Ascher, Gordon Zahler
Cinematography:William C. Thompson
Editing:Edward D. Wood Jr.
Cast:Béla Lugosi, Lyle Talbot, Tor Johnson
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