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La Petite Apocalypse

La Petite Apocalypse · dir. Costa Gavras
France, Poland, Italy 1993, 110’

In this co-produced (among others by Poland) film, Gavras balances on the edge of drama and... black comedy. As a result of a funny coincidence, two characters, convinced that their friend Stanislaus —  committed suicide, decide to make a fortune on his death. It turns out, however, that the allegedly deceased man feels well. The film was starred by: Beata Tyszkiewicz, Kazimierz Kaczor and Anna Romantowska, to name a few.

Director:Costa Gavras
Screenplay:Costa Gavras, Jean-Claude Grumberg
Music:Philippe Sarde
Cinematography:Patrick Blossier
Editing:Joële Van Effenterre
Cast:Pierre Arditi, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Jiří Menzel, Anna Romantowska
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