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First of all, Felicia

Felicia inainte de toate · dir. Razvan Radulescu, Melissa de Raaf
Romania 2009, 120’
Polish premiere

First of all, Felicia is the feature debut of Razvan Radulescu and Melissa de Raaf Romanian-Dutch duo. It is also the Polish premiere of the film.

Subtle acting and emotional intensity are the strongest part of First of All, Felicia, according to words of The ‘Hollywood Reporter’s’ critic. The story talks about the alienated condition of a 40 year old woman who believed to have followed her passion and now doesn’t know anymore where she belongs. We are on Felicia’s departure day after the two week annual visit to her family in Bucharest. As the taxi drives through the jammed streets of Bucharest, Felicia and her mother realize they will never be in time for the flight. While trying to rebook her ticket, Felicia begins to understand she has to choose between two families — parents and son who has stayed at home.

Director:Razvan Radulescu, Melissa de Raaf
Screenplay:Razvan Radulescu, Melissa de Raaf
Cinematography:Tudor Lucaciu
Editing:Dana Bunescu
Cast:Ileana Cernat, Ozana Oancea

Razvan Radulescu became famous as the author of the screenplay for Mr. Lazarescu Death which won at festivals in Cannes, Cluj and Bratislava. Melissa De Raaf occupies with the theory of art, philosophy and visual arts and cowrote several scripts with Radulescu for various film directors

First of all, Felicia is the first common work of the famous Romanian writer and Dutch art curator.

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