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Arsy-Versy · dir. Miro Remo
Slovakia 2009, 23’

Document. This film is the life story of a mother and her son Lubos, who turned the world upside down. Lubos escaped the world of people to live symbiotically with nature. He flew away to a planet where only butterflies live ― intelligent beings. Lubos invested his life’s energy combined with his unbelievable empathy into his amateur photograph and film creations. His greatest fascination with nature was the unique study of bats.

Director:Miro Remo
Screenplay:Miro Remo
Music:Richard Strauss
Cinematography:Jaro Vaľko
Editing:Marek Kráľovský
Awards:Specjalna Nagroda Jury / Special Prize of the Jury (International Short Film Festival Uppsala 2009); Najlepszy Dokument / Best Documentary (Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers! Tallin 2009); Srebrny Lew / The Silver Lion Award (IFF Taipei)

Miro Remo for six years he worked as a graphic designer for a small IT company while studying directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Arsy-Versy is the most successful film in the history of his university.

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