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GirlLikeMe · dir. Rowland Jobson
United Kingdom 2009, 14’
Polish premiere

Lucy is young, Lucy is damaged, Lucy is pretty and Lucy likes to play. Age only 13 she attempts to get away from her dysfunctional family and her dull teenage life by meeting up with a “Tony age 16”. She meets Tony, indeed, but he's not 16… Lucy's not surprised, maybe she always knew it. So she’s having fun and flirting — everything is okay for her. She wants to be a woman, she wants to be older. But can she handle with that?

Director:Rowland Jobson
Screenplay:Peter Devonald
Music:Richard Canavan
Cinematography:Robbie Ryan
Editing:Chris Barwell, Matteo Pizzarello
Cast:Steven Elder, Georgia Bourke, Maria Burgess, Tara Ellis, Ian Rixon
Awards:Zwycięzca / Winner (MFF / IFF Branchage)

Rowland Jobson is a director and writer with a strong and varied background in drama documentary, commercials, corporate films and virals / interactive media.

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