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Otchłań · dir. Wojciech Kasperski
Poland 2009, 34’

Document. An intimate portrait of gold fever. The gold-bearing mountains of Northen Siberia are the background for the Jack London style story: A Lonely Gold Seeker is looking for his Treasure. He is surrounded by unfriendly nature and by people he can’t trust. Being chased by his own fears, he breaks up with the whole world and shuts himself in the trap of his great passion/desire.

Director:Wojciech Kasperski
Screenplay:Wojciech Kasperski
Cinematography:Radosław Ładczuk
Editing:Tymek Wiskirski
Awards:Nagroda „Little Stamp” / “Little Stamp” Award (ZagrebDox 2010)

Wojciech Kasperski (born in 1981) graduated Łódź Film School. He produces his movies in Poland and Russia. His films, especially documentary Seeds (2005), win a lot of awards at festivals both in Poland and abroad.

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