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Astronaut On the Roof, The

Astronaut On the Roof, The · dir. Sergi Portabella
Germany 2010, 12’

Two young filmmakers wish to write the script that will make them famous. As Godard said: All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun. So, they start with a girl and a gun. And then a boy, a car, a robbery, an astronaut, a bloody human finger in a trash can, a character called Mr. Mystery Man, a motel room and explicit sex and ninjas and... What’s this film about?

Director:Sergi Portabella
Screenplay:Sergi Portabella
Music:Sebastian Pille, Alex Komlew
Cinematography:Bet Rourich
Editing:Julia Wiedwald
Cast:Tomas Sinclair Spencer, Jesse Inman, Patrick Diemling, Julia Hartman, Mark Bischoff, Sebastian Kwaschik
Awards:Jeden z pięciu finalistów Berlinale / One of the five finalists of Berlinale (2010)

Sergi Portabella (Barcelona 1980) studied film in ESCAC between 1998 and 2002. In 2003, along with two schoolmates, he founded Bipolar Films, a production company mainly devoted to music videos. He has also written and directed a mini series for television and short films.

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