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Födelsedag · dir. Jenifer Malmqvist
Poland, Sweden 2010, 18’

This is a story about a lesbian couple in a middle age. Sara loves Katerina and is preparing a suprise on her 40th birthday. Katerina has also surprise as well. Unfortunately ― unpleasant... Film focuses on complicated homosexual relationship. Birthday was warmly received at the prestigious Sundance Festival in the USA and on FPFF in Gdynia.

Director:Jenifer Malmqvist
Screenplay:Jenifer Malmqvist
Cinematography:Ita Zbroniec-Zajt
Editing:Bogusława Furga
Cast:Lotten Roos, Asa Karlin, August Lindmark, Liva Leijsne Elkjaer
Awards:Złote Lwy — Konkurs etiud fabularnych i fabularnych filmów dyplomowych szkół filmowych (FPFF Gdynia 2010); Sundance FF; Torino FF; Verzaubert FF; Pink Apple FF Zurich

Jenifer Malmqvist, born in Southern Sweden, has had many different jobs and studied a variety of subjects at advanced levels. After directing amateur theatre she started to study filmmaking in Sweden and Poland.

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