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Piksele · dir. Jacek Lusjeł Lusiński
Poland 2009, 99’

When Alicja (Anna Cieślak) — young and beautiful photographer for a popular daily newspaper — decides to take a photo, no one and nothing can stop her. A mobile with a camera will do for her. Everything she encounters can be a news: an actor, who tripped on stairs (‘Famous Actor Drunk Again!’), star’s summer house (‘What Is She Hiding From?’), or former Ministry of Public Security officer campping in the forest (‘He Learned About Polish Stars Deepest Secrets’). When Alicja’s mobile phone accidentally gets into the hands of, it turns out that life can write even weirder scenarios!

Director:Jacek Lusjeł Lusiński
Screenplay:Jacek Lusjeł Lusiński
Music:Paweł Lucewicz
Cinematography:Piotr Śliskowski, Piotr Piesiak, Jan Holoubek, Witold Płóciennik
Editing:Jarosław Barzan
Cast:Anna Cieślak, Mateusz Damięcki, Adam Ferency, Andrzej Grabowski, Zofia Merle, Olga Bołądź, Dorota Stalińska, Marian Opania, Kayah

Jacek Lusjeł Lusiński — born in 1968. He finished extramural bachelor studies (television realization) at the Cinematography Department of Lodz Film School. He was one of directors and screenwriters of a documentary series September 1939 (2007). Piksele (Pixels) is his feature debut.

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