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Z · dir. Costa Gavras
France, Algeria 1968, 127’

The film, shot in the hot year 1968, is still fascinating, and still causes fear, since, although the action takes place in an unspecified location in southern Europe, the plot is based on a true story. It is a timeless parable depicting mechanisms of corruption and morality: when Z (played by unforgettable Yves Montand) becomes involved in the political game, he, just like protagonists of the Shakespeare's dramas, will have no bearing on the events. The film was, not without reason,  awarded with two Oscars, whereas the unforgettable, vibrant soundtrack has moved people till today.

Director:Costa Gavras
Screenplay:Costa Gavras, Sebastien Japrisot
Music:Michel Magne
Cinematography:Jean Tournier
Editing:Christian Gaudin
Cast:Yves Montand, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Irene Papas, Jacques Perrin
Awards:Najlepszy Film Nieanglojęzyczny / Best Foreign Language Film, Najlepszy Montaż / Best Editing (Oskary / Oscars 1970); Najlepszy Aktor / Best Actor, Nagroda Jury Najlepszy Film / Best Movie Jury Award (Cannes 1969), Najlepszy Film Zagraniczny / Best Foreign Movie (Złoty Glob / Golden Globe 1970); Najlepsza Muzyka / Best Music (BAFTA 1970)
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