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Zaginiony · dir. Costa Gavras
USA 1982, 122’

When a young American writer Charles Horman disappears in Chile in mysterious circumstances, his father embarks on the search for him. Being a conservative and a patriot he tries to act in line with the U.S. foreign policy and attempts not to incur the foreign government displeasure. It all changes when he discovers that his quest causes a disturbance. The Academy Award and Palme d’Or for the duo Gavras and Lemmon speak for themselves.

Director:Costa Gavras
Screenplay:Costa Gavras, John Nichols, Donald Stewart
Cinematography:Ricardo Aronovich
Editing:Françoise Bonnot
Cast:Jack Lemmon, Sissy Spacek, John Shea, Melanie Mayron
Awards:Najlepszy Scenariusz Adaptowany / Best Adapted Screenplay (Oskary /Oscars 1983); Złota Palma / Golden Palm, Najlepszy Film / Best Film, Najlepszy Aktor / Best Actor (Cannes 1983); Najlepszy Scenariusz / Best Screenplay, Najlepszy Montaż / Best Editing (BAFTA 1983)
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