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Street Days

Quchis dgeebi · dir. Levan Koguashvili
Georgia 2010, 86’
Polish premiere

Tbilisi, Georgia. Three policemen arrest Checkie, 45, and tell him to introduce his friend’s son to drugs so that they can blackmail his father. If he refuses to cooperate, he will end his life in prison. Unemployed and addicted to heroin, Checkie is in no position to refuse — but, faced with such a stark choice, he desperately tries to find a way out.

The director said about film: For me this film is about a strange and a very sad generation. These people were born and grew up in the Soviet Union, but after this country collapsed in front of their eyes, they were forced to adapt to a different reality. (…) Many of them are no longer alive, and those who survived are called ‘the lost generation’. This film is very personal, because it tells the story of a generation which I remember, which I love, and which I pity — the generation I feel I belong to.

Director:Levan Koguashvili
Screenplay:Levan Koguashvili, Boris Frumin, Nikoloz Marr
Music:Rezo Kiknadze
Cinematography:Archil Akhvlediani
Editing:Nodar Nozadze
Cast:Guga Kotetishvili, Irakli Ramishvili, George Kipshidze, Zura Begalishvili, Zaza Salia, Ruso Kobiashvili, Leo Antadze, Lia Gudadze

Levan Koghuashvili was born in Georgia in 1973. After finishing school, he began to study at the State Institute of Film and Theatre in Tbilisi, but one year later a civil war broke out in Georgia and he began to work as a journalist and later as a director. He graduated from New York Film School.


  • 2005: A Small Theatre in Washington
  • 2006: The Debt
  • 2009: Kobiety z Gruzji / Women From Georgia
  • 2010: Quchis dgeebi
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