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Devils, The

Diabły · dir. Ken Russell
United Kingdom 1971, 111’

The film is murky, uncompromising and blasphemous, yet brilliant, and equally current today as 40 years ago. Against the background of the 17th century France with its Huguenots and Cardinal Richelieu unfolds a story of a priest, an apostate who bears witness to his faith by suffering — pain and bliss — Urbain Grandiera. When the defiant priest breaks celibacy vow a scandal erupts, causing dire consequences. Under the veneer of blasphemy Russell displays two contradictory drives — the eternal struggle of humankind to attain freedom, and their attempt to suppress it.

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Ken Russell; na podstawie / based on: Aldous Huxley (książka / book), John Whiting (sztuka / play)
Music:Peter Maxwell Davies
Cinematography:David Watkin
Editing:Michael Bradsell
Cast:Oliver Reed, Vanessa Redgrave, Dudley Sutton
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