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Mixtape · dir. Timothy S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
USA 2009, 22’
Polish premiere

When Bobby receives a tape recorder for his birthday, he uses it as a tool to escape the harshness of the real world around him. What we're left with is a fragmented story made up of the bits and pieces that Bobby recorded onto the tape. Once it's played back in its entirety, the fragments come together to form Bobby's journey into a fantastic world of color and sound.

Director:Timothy S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
Screenplay:Timothy S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
Music:Jason Calhoun
Cinematography:Timothy S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
Cast:Jackson Grey, Helen T. Clark, Lance Milne
Awards:Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland Paso Robles Digital Film Festival, California Slamdance Film Festival (Utah)

Timothy S. Pfeffer i Peter Corina are students on Roy H. Park School of Communication on Ithaca College (USA).

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