Eastern-Central Drift
International Film Festivals Forum “Eastern-Central Drift” is being held for the 2nd time in Vilnius More »

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NEW GEORGIAN CINEMA Georgian film is a strange phenomenon, special, philosophically light, sophisticated and at the same time childishly pure and innocent. There is everything that can make me cry and I ought to say that it (my crying) is not an easy thing. Federico Fellini, acclaimed Italian film director Georgia has a long history of cinematography which starts at the end of 19th century almost simultaneously with development of cinema in Europe… More »

dir. Salomé Aleksi
Georgia 2009, 30’
Leader is Always Right, TheLeader is Always Right, The
Lideri Khoveltvis Martalia
dir. Salome Jashi
Georgia 2010, 43’
Other Bank, TheOther Bank, The
Gagma Napiri
dir. George Ovashvili
Georgia, Kazakhstan 2009, 90’
Three HousesThree Houses
Sami Sakhli
dir. Zaza Urushadze
Georgia 2008, 96’
Women from GeorgiaWomen from Georgia
Kalebi Sakartvelodan
dir. Levan Koguashvili
Georgia 2009, 54’
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