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What turns us, what excites us

The main character of Whatever Works, Boris Yellnikoff, is an ageing, biting intellectual (probably an Allen character , but how could I know that). This professional dawdler, hypochondriac, physician, and finally a chess teacher, uses a well-known “where do you move your pawn, you moron” teaching method. He is also a genius, the only one able to grasp the whole picture, cinema audience included. Sometimes it is nice to be with someone intelligent, so we start liking him immediately – even if the first thing we are going to hear is that if you are one of those idiots who like feeling good, go and have a foot massage.

Whatever Works contains – let me make a bold assumption - everything that turns on and excites Allen’s admirers – intelligent humour, exceptionally complicated love affairs, repartees and New York.

Whatever Works
Director Woody Allen
France/USA 2009, 92'

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