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(Extra)ordinary film about an ordinary girl

The authors of An Education (”Była sobie dziewczyna”) achieved something extraordinary – they managed to create a film that is ordinary to the utmost, with a completely ordinary story. And maybe that is why it is so universal.

We are in the 60’s. There is a young, average, normal girl. Young, pretty and intelligent secondary school girl seduced by a man who is a lot older than her.

Banal story? True, but this story serves only as a pretext to ask important questions. Questions that used to be asked – and very often still asked – by females. Those young, growing up adolescents  - not women yet, but definitely not little girls any more. Questions about the meaning of woman’s life, perspectives, opportunities for taking a shortcut by using one’s beauty.

Formally, the most attractive features of this film are wonderful images and great actor’s play. The main character may be considered annoying, yet I was completely overwhelmed by her performance. In general, the casting is terrific.

Such films are becoming more and more rare in contepmporary cinema. Ordinary, but unusual somehow.

An Education
Director Lone Scherfig
Great Britain 2009, 95’

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