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Regional Film Funds and Kujavia-Pomerania Region: Conference

Krajowa Izba Producentów AudiowizualnychDate: 1 lipca 2010 r., godz. 14.00
Place: Kino Centrum in the Centre of Contemporary Art
Entry: the conference is open to everyone

Regional Film Funds are common source of financing film production in Europe nowadays. European funds are based on different principles, determined by local legislation, sectoral and regional policies. However, the fundamental idea remains the same — self-governments are investing in the production of feature films, documentaries and animation. In exchange they gain economic, advertising and image benefits.

The basic parameter to establish cooperation between self-governments and local filmmakers is the thematic, geographical or biographical relationship of film project and artists with particular region. Condition of receiving grants is the necessity of located production on particular area, which must be linked with the region and exploit its economic, infrastructural, technical and human potential.

Regional Film Funds make for raising living standards of local communities and enable promotion and shaping the image of the regions. Thanks to it regions are able to function on national and international level. Worldwide, brilliant career of even small towns or regions, which hosted the filmmakers, awaken us to huge promotional potential, which is the solution hidden under the Regional Film Fund slogan. Regional Film Funds also play an important role in creating new work places and vivification of local entrepreneurship. RFFs involve capital inflows and foreign investment, tourism growth and real income increase in the region. For filmmakers ‘opening into area’ is a potential source of artistic inspiration and the possibility of deriving rich regional culture. Above all RFFs give filmmakers support of self-governments which provide such needed diversification of financing sources and invaluable organizational help.

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